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Obtaining a visa can be a daunting process. With an endless list of regulations to comply with and documents to organize, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But at IMygrate, we understand the challenges that come with applying for a visa, and we’re here to help. Our team of experienced RCICs registered with CICC has the knowledge, experience, and proven systems to guide you through complex immigration procedures and help you confidently submit your visa application.We take pride in our high success rate and are committed to providing the best service in the industry. Let us help you make your immigration journey smoother and stress-free. Contact us today to get started.

Visitor Visa

Holding a visitor visa also known as a tourist visa will give you the opportunity of entering Canada for a period of up to 6 months. However, at the port of entry, an Immigration officer may determine the length of time of your stay which could be less than 6 months, in rare circumstances.

For acceptance to Canada when arriving at a Port of Entry or an airport, the traveler must demonstrate to the officer his intention of leaving Canada by the end of the authorized stay.


Super Visa

Canada gives the opportunity to Permanent Residents or Citizens to bring their parents or grandparents to Canada. The Super Visa is a type of visa that allows the holder to enter and remain in Canada for up to 2 years. The validity of this visa goes up to 10 years and can be renewed.


Our Services

Our Licensed immigration consultant, Manpreet will be involved in the entire process of your application which includes :

Real Stories from Real Clients

Thankyou so much sir for all of your help! We are so grateful for all of the hard work you have done to not only help us sell our home but to find our dream home as well! I truly appreciate the confidence you showed in me. Thankyou for all your hard work on dis..we couldn’t hv pulled this off widout you😊😊..I received visa in only 15days..very fast n affordable..

Sonia Sharma

a month ago

** I received my visa in 10 days **
My whole life is dependent on going abroad it’s the dream of my father. I was a victim of fraud a Surrey-based rcic consultant never lodged my file it happened in 2019. After all this, I started learning about visas, SOP and choosing the right course. I had conversations with many consultants in India however, I was not satisfied with their way of working. Here come my Saviour Imygrate Manpreet sir has given highlights of my profile and I decided to go with them. I got my visa and writing my story. Furthermore, I can’t express enough how grateful I am to Manpreet Sir and the incredible IMYGRATE team. Their expert guidance and affordable services turned my study permit application into a smooth journey. When I first met Manpreet Sir, I was lost in a sea of options, but he and his team showed me the right path and helped me choose the perfect study program. What’s even more impressive is that their fees are not only reasonable but provide excellent value. But the real cherry on top was receiving my study permit just 10 days after my biometrics appointment. IMYGRATE, you are truly my Saviour. Thank you for everything.

Arun Rana

3 weeks ago

Best and affordable service! Sent my request on Oct 6, 2023. And got my notes on Nov 4, 2023, following with the submitted files on Nov 8, 2023. Also did a consultation with Mr. Manpreet. I had a great response as well. Hopefully, it will resulting a positive outcome too in the near future. Thank’s again!

Adythio Niramoyo

a day ago

I applied for GCMS notes and a Canada study visa, and I got GCMS notes in 30 days. The Cherry on the top is that my study visa was approved in just 10 days after 2 refusals. IMYGRATE services are too good and they help a lot with your application. Thank you Manpreet sir.

Preetkamal Kaur

a month ago

Best,fast and affordable Local agent will charges from 2000 to 5000 for caps notes. But Imygrate is providing same service at less than half price. Additionally ,they work professionally. No need to send any reminder . Many students are wating for caps note from 2-3 months ,but I got within 29 days. Best service I will suggest to everyone

Ravi kumar

3 months ago

I have received my Canada Student Visa in just 22 days with the help of Mr. Manpreet. I would really recommend IMYgrate to all those who are willing to migrate Canada. He helped me in understanding the reason of my previous refusals and gave his full efforts in making my visa application successful. The process was very transparent and I always got proper and satisfied answer of my all questions.

Srusti Acharya

a week ago

i applied my gcms notes from them & got mine in less than 30 days.. they are best in business and price is also less as compared to others

Bhumi Bhavsar

4 months ago
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